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    I love old homes and unique places with lots of character! Back in 2004, I stumbled across a rustic cabin in the woods of rural Tennessee and immediately saw it's potential. It was originally built in the early 1960's and was left for 40 years in a primitive, unfinished condition. From here, we began our three-year long labor of love to bring Rustic Timbers to life! Finally in 2008, we opened our doors to our first guests. At the time, we were a true BnB, offering beds and breakfasts to vacationers. For many years, we also served Sunday lunch to the community as well as catering weddings and dinner parties (hence the installation of the professional kitchen.) In recent years, we have dropped the food service side of the business and focused solely on creating a warm and welcoming vacation retreat with lots of family-oriented amenities. I love living in the lush, rolling hills of rural Tennessee, and when I'm not out enjoying the local hiking trails or working in my flower gardens, you'll find me playing with my grandkids and my new Beagle puppy, Charlie!

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